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Michela Chiara Borghese

Passionate and tenacious musician, Michela Chiara has performed in Italy and abroad (France, Norway, Poland, Russia, Mozambique and the U.S.A.) both as solo artist and in chamber and orchestral activity in prestigious halls such as the Vatican Museum, Carnegie Hall of New York, Sala della Protomoteca at Campidoglio (housing the municipal authority of Rome), Steinway Hall of Boston en the Pauline Chapel at the Quirinale (official residence of the President of the Italian Republic), performing live on Radio3.

Awarded at National and International contests (‘Paolo Denza’, ‘Premio Schubert’, ‘Premio Hyperion’), she won several prizes such as ‘Rospigliosi’, ‘Città di Grosseto’ and ‘Ibla Grand Prize International Competition’. She is a founding member of 'Dialogos' duet, together with mandolin player Anna Schivazappa and, together with Sabrina De Carlo, she also founded the 'DuoKeira piano duo'.
She is professor of Piano Pedagogy at the Conservatory at Trapani.

From October 2014 Michela Chiara is a member of “Donatori di Musica” (an Italian philanthropic network of volunteer doctors and musicians that organises concerts in departments of hospitals).

Born and educated in Rome , she graduated from Conservatorio Santa Cecilia in Rome in Piano and Chamber Music; then obtained the “Professional Qualification for Orchetra” certificate as a member of ‘Orchestra Giovanile Italiana’ from the Music School of Fiesole. She also ended the three-year advanced course on Chamber Music with Maestro Rocco Filippini at Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia she graduated with honors at 2 nd Level Degree of Music, in the field of study of Chamber Music and Ensemble Music; she attended further training at the Accademia Internazionale of Portogruaro with Maestro Boris Baraz (Chamber Music) and Kostantin Bogino (Piano), and at the “Liszt Institute” of Wroglaw, Poland, with Maestro Viktor Merjanov, she also got to know the Russian school.


Together with the musical education, Michela Chiara futher explored some issues in the socio-pedagogical areas, by graduating with honors in Philosophy from La Sapienza University of Rome with an original research thesis on “General Pedagogy” on autobiography as an educational tool. The thesis was later published by Albatros Università publishing house. She won a doctoral scholarship in Developmental and Social Psychology and Educational Research from La Sapienza University. She worked on Antonio J. Abreu’s El Sistema and its adaptation and application in Italy.
Author of a variety of articles and books in the areas of music and social and pedagogical issues, she participated as a speaker in several seminars and conferences both in Italy and abroad.

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